Vijay's Musings
Here is a collection of Vijay Thiruvady's musings.
Those who have been with Vijay on the Green Heritage Walk at Lalbagh will enjoy these vignettes written in his inimitable style, accompanied by wonderful photographs
You can contact Vijay
at or 98450 68416
Calling all Volunteers who want to help Vijay with his work on the Heritage Trees of Bangalore!. Read Vijay's note on Heritage Trees here
New! Read about The Indian Pioneer Horticulturist Rao Bahadur HC Javaraya here
LalBagh Gardens
Read Musing
The UN World Tourism Organisation
A walk in LalBagh Read Musing
Brief insights on some interesting trees
The Pride of India
Read Musing
Colville's Glory
Read Musing
The Elephant Apple
Read Musing
The Frangipani
Read Musing
The Banyan
Read Musing
A record of some flora and fauna that we cannot enjoy anymore
The Talipot Palm
Read Obit
Tipu's Mango Tree
Read Obit
The Palas
Read Obit
The Juniper / Liana
Read Obit
The Hornet Nest
Read Obit

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