HORNET's NEST - The Obituary
The day after Mahesh’s wonderful photographs of the Hornet’s nests were taken, we were shocked to see the nest was no longer there, thus adding to our obituary columns.
The nest had been smoked and then burnt and the destroyed remains were found on the ground.
The hexagonal cells of the nest and the manner in which it is fastened to the circular paper envelope come out clearly in the photograph to the right, once again emphasizing what a structural marvel the nest was.
Charred remains of the Nest
Mahesh has taken out photographs of the destruction – the two photographs below show dead hornets and larvae as well as the half-burnt paper nest.
We can only hope that another Queen Hornet starts another nest which will replace the original nest giving Bangalore Walkers an opportunity to admire another one of nature’s near perfect works.
Dead larvae
Dead Wasps

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